Rouzbeh Asgarian

guitar player, composer & arranger
curator & musical director

Rouzbeh Asgarian was born in Teheran as the son of an Iranian movie director. At the age of 6, together with his family he had to leave the country and moved to Germany. Since
then he lives in the city of Aachen. As a child, he reguarily spent time at his father‘s filmsets and theatre productions where he made his first experiences with art and stage. At the age of 13, he got his first guitar as a present and was immediately fascinated from his instrument. From that time on, he decided to become a musician and soon after that he started his own Rock band.
After graduating from high school in Aachen, he moved to Maastricht where he studied jazz-guitar at the Conservatorium of Maastricht and formed the Rouzbeh Asgarian Band that is specialized in performing Rouzbeh‘s own compositions. Up to now, the Rouzbeh Asgarian Band had recorded 3 albums.
During his studies at the Conversatorium, he attended classes by Jan Formanoy, Norbert Scholly, Frank Wingold, Frank Haunschild und and attended workshops by Mike Stern and John Abercrombie.
After graduating from conservatorium of Maastricht, he lived in Cologne and for a certain time in the US. During this stay within the US, he was engaged as a touring guitarist by Mansour, the Iranian-American Pop Icon living in Los Angeles, for his upcoming world tours.
Besides leading his own band, he is working with a wide array of artists with diverse background such as Mansour, Sattar, David Bisbal, Outländish, Daniel Aminati, Frederik Köster, Ryan Carniaux, Jeff Herr, Paul Shigihara, Rodrigo Villalon, Benjamin Stein, Rhani Krija.
In 2010, he produced the band SunnyMiguel as part of his activities as a pop music producer.
The Rouzbeh Asgarian Band combines the freedom of jazz with sounds of Persian and Western music instruments.