Fine jazz combines with a light rock impetus and the sounds of his Persian homeland. Electric guitar and trumpet meet the Santur and the long-necked lute Tar to a completely new sound experience. Add drums, bass, Nai and an oriental frame drum as further notes in a collection of sensual compositions. Asgarian combines a rocking sound with the freedom of jazz and instruments of his native country to an incomparable melange.

"An eclectic mix of crazy metrics, cool jazz grooves and tension-laden distortion lifts Asgarian to the top level of European artists (…)." 03/14 (Brent Black)



"The German-Iranian guitarist Rouzbeh Asgarian shows on his new album Waiting that he is one of the most imaginative guitarists of the younger generation (...) the best example that even today intelligent music is written and played.“ 05/14 (Ingo Andruschkewitsch)



"Rouzbeh Asgarian creates with his melange a not everyday music that stays in the ears and in the sense.“

Interkultur Stuttgart 06/14 (Jürgen Spieß)



"Invigorating, melodic, energetic and open to individual expression (…)."

Criticaljazz 07/14 (Thierry Giard)


"Despite modern sounds and cool-scratchy funk, 'Waiting' is romantic, singing the guitar and trumpet, bouncing the double bass, pulsing the drums, whether hard or plump, the sound is aesthetic, even with a rough-grain texture.“


Jazzzeitung 06/14 (Stephanie Knauer)